The BIG Fat GREEK Wedding!

Christine & David’s BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING was absolutely stunning!

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous. I had to make sure this day was PERFECT! Not only was this a friend I went to High School with, but also a childhood bestie to my friends, my first time hosting a Greek wedding, and also.. at a Greek Orthodox Church! I was definitely nervous!

But once we got things going, and the day carried away with all the festivities, I was so satisfied with how everything came out! Watching everyone have a total blast melted my heart.

Cheers to you Christine & David! You two are amazing!

Check out some sneak peeks from Quianna Marie Photography!

A Redwood Wedding

Scanning through photos and getting super hyped about an upcoming collaboration with the talented and fun

Christy McCarter Photography!

Check out these amazing photos from Olive & Clark's wedding in Corralitos, California, on October 7, 2017.

Olive-Clark-99 (1).jpg

Venue | Redwood Hideaway, Corralitos, CA

(please inquire if interested in getting venue information!)

Photographer | Christy McCarter Photography

Videography | ByDesign Films

Hotel Room Blocking | Paradox Hotel, Santa Cruz

Rentals | Alexis Party Rentals 

Additional Rentals | Celebrations

DJ | Denon & Doyle

Florals | DIY

Hair & Make Up | Bun Bun Bridal

Catering provided by Organicopia

Designed & Coordinated by | BluBook Events

Hey There, Gorgeous! What's Your Name!?

Friends & Family, meet my business partner,

Cynthia Doan! 

CG Photo

CG Photo

My partner in crime (& in weddings), a bestie, and co-founder; she's the mastermind behind the computer. She handles all the conferences, e-mails, finances, bookings, and more - Cynthia is literally the butter to my bread! ;) 

Though she's a forever lover of her two pups, her and the Hubby also brought a beautiful, perfect little life into this world, Miss Colette! She's the cutest baby, and recently turned one year old! I have truly enjoyed watching her grow over the last 13 months. It's really such a crazy experience hearing and seeing her learn noises, colors, and movements. Shoot, I can only imagine how Cynthia and Chris feel as first time parents! It's a beautiful thing <3

CG Photo

CG Photo

CG Photo

CG Photo

We became friends a little over two and a half years ago when our paths crossed several times. We met for coffee (philz in Los Gatos!) and found that we had/have a lot of common interests. It honestly only took us a few days to puzzle together our plans and thoughts - to then find that we could become The BluBook Events. I look back now and laugh at allll the late nights we spent at her house, making little decor items, prepping for bridal faire's, booking any opportunity we got. We drank wine and more wine, and traveled near and far. Oh gosh such an awesome experience learning the world of business with this lady! I enjoy every minute of it! 

Why The BluBook Events?

I hear this question often, and I love to tell people the story! 

Cynthia's personal business was called Petal Events prior to us collaborating together. I was, at the time, The Little BluBook. So when we decided to merge our work - we combined the two to become one company. The "Blu" comes from my name. My family has always called me Blue while growing up (and still), so that's why I've always called these journeys and adventures: my BluBook! There's also a reason for why I removed the 'e' but I'll save that for another blog ;) 

Cynthia (being the perfect soul) wanted to keep the name, so we merged together and called it The BluBook Events! 

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
— Jack Welch

Winter Wedding Vibes

FIRST OFF let's shout out to Lynna & Jeff for their amazing, fun, and absolutely unforgettable wedding day/night! 

To be completely honest... this was my first TRUE experience with a full Tea Ceremony and Family Games. Have you ever experienced that yet? Well, let me tell ya - it was EVENTFUL! We watched and laughed (and sometimes cried) as Jeff had to conquer these challenges and games in order to get to Lynna at the top of the stairs. Then after some family photos on the stairs, they immediately started the actual Tea Ceremony where the new couple (bride & groom) hands tea to each couple youngest to oldest (or vice versa..). Once that was finished, we all load up into the shuttles and head out to Hakone Gardens for the traditional ceremony! 

The grounds were absolutely perfect. Weather couldn't have been better. It was just perfect.

To keep things super interesting - our gorgeous bride, Lynna, changed into FOUR different dresses this day! All of which included: Red Chinese ceremony dress, traditional white American ceremony dress, a stunning red reception dress, then a 'party like the night never ends' dress (which was the free-ing 'get as low as you want' dancing dress)! ALL were the most beautiful dresses! 

To keep the night even more interesting, the guests played two very funny and entertaining games: the shoe game and the musical chairs scavenger hunt. Oh goodness, I am so serious when I tell you that this was SUCH a blast. Everyone was already a few drinks in, which is always helpful ;) so the challenge was accepted by many - and the games were ON! There was Lion Dancing, MirMir photo booth, a three-tiered special cake, a 7 course Dim Sum dinner meal, a hilarious mannequin challenge, and open bar till midnight. 

By the time this evening ended, everyone was ready for bed! Such a success! I look forward to hosting more wedding like theirs. Traditional yet modernized, unique, fun, and unforgettable. 

#TuShadesOfMueller ;)

Cheers to another beautiful year Lynna & Jeff! 

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Photography & Videography | Isaac & David from Focused Journey Media (all images above provided by FJM)

Planner | BluBook Events

Photobooth | MirMir Photobooth (out of LA)

Floral Centerpieces | Dubon Floral 

Floral Personals | Linny's Floral

Linens & Decor | Fine Linen Creations

Cake & Cheesecakes | Not Just Cheesecakes (Debbie)

DJ | Kevin Combs from Elite Entertainment

Cocktail Hr Catering | Molly at Organicopia

Dinner | Dynasty Restaurant San Jose

Hair & MU | Miranda at Love and Artistry


Hakone Gardens, Saratoga CA 

Dynasty Restaurant, San Jose CA 

Tea Ceremony located at private residence

Hotel accommodations booked through Beverly Heritage Hotel