Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you all for your patience through the Holidays as I remodeled and updated our site a bit. I slacked SO hard last year on updating our site! Browse around! We've updated most of our pages to reflect many memories made with our 2017 Newlyweds! 

While many photos are still filtering in from some talented photographers, I wanted to announce that I will be blogging a little more (whaaaat!). I know.. I'm not much of a blogger, but now that I'm a proud owner of a new MacBook Air and a little more time in my days, I figure - share my fun experiences with you all as we get started with a busy 2018! 

First I would like to introduce myself!

My name is Megan Burton, and I am a partner in The BluBook Events.


That's me! I am a Designer, Planner, Marketing/Web Manager, and DIY'er for the Company as well! I truly love designing decor, making dreamcatchers, and watching Netflix. I spent 8 years in the military before coming back to the good ol' Bay Area (San Jose) to follow my passion in the event industry. When I'm not at events on the weekends, I'm probably at home designing something.. all while holding a glass of red wine in my hand. :) 

Or... you can find me loving every dog that crosses my path! Thanks to Christy McCarter for capturing this funny behind the scenes moment with Olive & Clark's new pup, Rayna. 


Oh by the way... I wear a fanny pack on wedding day ;) 

Well.. that's enough about me for now! More to come as we're just getting started with 2018! 

Cheers Friends,


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